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AT-43 Campaign III

Mission 9 – Village Violation

Picture a quiet serene oriental village high in the mountains. Peaceful and Zen like, with everyone moving cooperatively through their day in a daily ballet that has not changed for hundreds of years. Now picture a screaming assault (Yes the scene from Apocalypse Now) as your forces arrive to investigate the village. Seems like a sympathizer to your side has tipped your leaders off that the key scientists you have been looking for have hidden out in this village and your mission is to recover them. Oh #####... Looks like your enemies have received the same information at the same time… Well makes no difference since your leaders are not forgiving people….. Lock and load boys, lock and load…. The only easy day was yesterday….

Forces Available:
1000 points – Round 1 – Arrive and can act.
500 points Reinforcement (Reinforcement points arrive based on your dice roll at the start of each round. Round 2, Need a 6 for all 500 points to arrive and act. Round 3, Need 4, 5, 6. Round 4 Need 4, 5, 6, Round 5 Need 4, 5, 6.. You only get the 500 points once.
You can only activate 4 of your cards a round max. You can have more than 4 cards in the battle, but can only activate 4 a round.

Tactical Positions:
Village. Starting places determined by drawing cards randomly as usual.

Primary Objective:
Search buildings to find missing scientists – To search a building a infantry soldier must be able to move to contact with the door frame of the building or the ladder of a tower. At that point they declare they are searching. The searching player rolls a die. On a 4, 5, or 6 the team recovers a hiding scientist and gets 1 VP instantly. On a 2, or 3 the hut contains nothing of interest to the team. On a roll of 1 a village militia force was hiding in ambush for the intruders and instantly kills 30% of the force rounded up (minimum 1 guy).

Your forces may only search the same building once before moving on, but others can search a building that has already been searched and find something different. This is because there is movement underground in the secret tunnels to move scientists and others around to avoid your forces during the game.

*new* Of course there are groups of villagers still in the village trying to avoid the armed forces attacking their home. If at any time you shoot at, shoot over, or move aside a villager you get a plus one to your roll (for the rest of the game) to see if you are attacked in a building by village forces. For example, I shoot at an enemy and the first impacts are taken by an unfortunate villager in the zone of fire. For the rest of the game when I search a building for the scientists, on a roll of 1 or 2 now I get attacked by villagers. This can continue adding up to a maximum of 1 -4 you get attacked, 5 - 6 you find a scientist. Villagers have the same stats as civilians and also can be made into zombies for those of you who need more troops.

Secondary Objective:
A victory point is also scored when the final points of any unit are eliminated by a enemy player.

Special Rules:
Artillery strikes are not allowed. This was a quick strike mission, so there was not enough time to position artillery to support the mission.
Armor Fighting Vehicles of Type 2 and 3 are not allowed. We had to move quickly to get here as fast as possible so Type 1 is all we could sling.
Huts, towers, and other terrain can be destroyed if realistically feasible. They have 3 SP each. Once a building is destroyed, it can no longer be searched.
A civilian included in infantry units will give at unit an extra 10 cm of movement in the round. This is because the civilians are leading scent dogs and using infrared trackers to help hunt out the scientists and dangers.

Cease Fire:
Ends after 6 full rounds or after the last round to fully complete after 10 PM as usual.

1st place for total Victory points overall gets 6 MP on the map. Everyone else gets 2 MP. In the event of a tie on this one, who had the most scientists win, if still tie, high card draw.
Person with the most scientists recovered also gains a Power Station. In the event of a tie on this one, all players tying get Power Stations.



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