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AT-43 Campaign III

Mission 8 - Cityscape

This is an all armor battle.  This is going to be catastrophic!

Forces Available
2000 points (all 2000 AP). 
All armor forces. Using the Open R Tools, Create New Company, select your Army, change Army Books to Open R-Community Unofficial, then armor only. There will be no army platoon specific advantages and disadvantages.
All players have to have 1 Type III armor unit (and only one).
Maximum of 4 unit cards to start the game.
Reinforcements (sort of): turn 1 you can activate Type I units, turn 2 Type II units, turn 3 Type III Units.

Tactical Positions
See Map.  Squares are ruined buildings.  At the center of the ruined city Type III armor can not fit in the narrow streets.

Primary Objectives
Seek and destroy.  Score 1 VP for each Type I destroyed (figure, not unit), 2 VP for each Type II, 5 VP for each Type III.  Most VP wins the Movement point awards.

Secondary Objectives
Having an armor unit located on a key locations on the battlefield (represented as red dots) at the end of any turn starting with turn 4, gains you one City token for the campaign map (+1 medal in the future).  When a dot is rewarded, the dot is removed for the rest of the game.

Special Rules
Artillery Strikes are allowed.

Cease Fire
Our normal agreed end time rules. The highest VP wins. In case of a tie, ties are broken highest value hero remaining in play, then finally by a dice roll.

1st gains 5 MP, 2nd gains 4 MP, and 3rd to last each gain 2 MP

Results: Aaron, Rocky, Rob, Brian, David



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