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AT-43 Campaign III

Mission 7 – ‘King of Poker Hill’

It is a rush to the top of a strategic elevation - code named for this mission ‘Poker Hill’.

Forces Available
5 Player Game

You get to have 3 unit cards in your forces plus an artillery card. Each of the 3 unit cards must be under 300 points (AP) in total value (those with the bit extra advantage get to add the bit extra % across all cards total, not each card). No reinforcements. If you generate additional units during the game or want to use the artillery card, you are restricted to activating 3 cards in a round total.

Tactical Positions

Draw random starting location at bottom of hill to see where you start and who you start near. Players will get 3 pieces of terrain to place in their starting locations.

Object of game is to create the best poker hand at the end of 6 rounds or we run out of time.

Cards are received when; 1) One of your unit kills an opposing infantry figure (1 card for each figure killed). 2) A leader of a squad crosses specific spots (identified before the game starts to all players - each leader can only cross these spots once and receive a card – no going back and forth). 3) Anyone who gets a squad leader in the top of the hill temple circle gets to pick a specific card from those remaining.

AFVs do not get cards for items 2 and 3, but can get cards for item 1.

Artillery strike kills of infantry do NOT get cards.

Cards are held in secret until the end of the game. Best poker hand wins.

Primary Objectives
Temple at top of hill (get choice of remaining cards from deck).

Secondary Objectives
Kill enemy infantry, Card getting spots.

Special Rules
You may adjust - Artillery Strikes are allowed, but you only get to activate 3 cards a round (artillery card counts as a card). Destroying terrain is allowed except for temple at the top which is already in ruins.

Cease Fire
Our normal agreed end time rules. The best poker hand wins. In case of a tie, high card draw.

6 Movement Points (MP) to best poker hand. All else 2 MP.



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