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AT-43 Campaign III

Mission 6 - Evacuate the Civilians ...Women and Children First??

This mission is simply to save as many Civilians as you can.  The Civilians are represented by "Cs" in the map above.  This is pretty much straight from the book (Operation Frostbite page 86).

Forces Available
There will be two 3-player games.
3000 points (1200 AP / 1800 RP).
This mission uses Civilians with special rules.  We'll need to be clear on field, if you are bringing civilians in your forces.
Note: bases have to fit between walls. If an AFV does not fit through a door, it can't go through the door.  Scale is shown.
No type 3 armor.

Tactical Positions
See the map. The map is just representative, but we should be able to get very close.
We'll roll off or draw cards for tables.

Primary Objectives
Per civilian evacuated: 10VP
A player cannot score more then 20VP for this mission.

Secondary Objectives
Capturing a civilian: 50RP
Controlling a civilian: 100RP
Capturing a container: 100RP
Controlling a container: 150RP

Special Rules
Artillery Strikes are NOT allowed.  Destroying terrain is not allowed.

Civilians starting on the board cannot be destroyed.  Story wise, no one will shoot them, since you'd like to eventually capture them.

Access hatch: Access hatches indicated on the map are neutral accesses through which infantry units can enter or civilians can exit the battlefield.

Evacuating civilians: A civilian is evacuated during the control phase if the civilian is on top of an access hatch or exited the company's starting access zone.

Run for shelter: The buildings of the base provide shelter to the fighters.  Indirect fire test are automatic failures if their trajectory goes through a wall; the projectile is lost without causing any damage.  In addition, a fighter with the "Rocket jump" ability cannot move through a wall.

Cease Fire
Our normal agreed end time rules. The highest VP wins. In case of a tie, ties are broken highest value hero remaining in play, then finally by a dice roll.

The two losing players will get 2 MP.  Single winner will get 4 MP. 
A Manufactorum will be given to the player controlling the most containers at the end of the game (this may not be the player with the most VP, ties broken as above).  A Manufactorum will give +1 medal for each future mission.



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