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AT-43 Campaign III

Mission 5 - Hold Until Relieved


Now that a few factions have been successful in gathering the precious mineral in quantity they need to get it 'off planet'. As this is being attempted strike forces from the other factions come to disrupt the process and steal as much mineral for themselves as possible. Since most of the main forces have been evacuated already, the rear guard troops need to hold off the enemy as long as possible to get as much mineral 'off planet' as possible. The orders are 'Hold Until Relieved' knowing relief will be slow in coming if at all.

Forces Available

There will be two 3-player games.

1500 points (1000 AP / 500 RP).

No civilians allowed in this mission, it’s no place for non-combatants. 

Tactical Position

Map is trenches on one side of the board and the 2 attackers enter from the other side of the board. The first two objective markers are 24 cm from the attackers entry points (approximately mid way between the attackers entry point and the trench objective markers). The second set of objective points are within the trenches 24 cms from the first set of objective markers. There is some terrain within the ‘no-mans’ land to offer cover to the attackers from the trenches and from each other.

If only 5 show to game 3 attackers and 2 defenders (1 board). If 4, adjustments made at game.

Primary Objectives

4 objective points on each map. 1 VP per round for the faction having the most INFANTRY models in PHYSICAL contact with the objective (model has to be on the objective marker or touching it with its base). If tie for number of models, victory point goes to highest model cost touching the objective.

Secondary Objectives


Special Rules

Players have to declare the EXACT army sheet they will be using in the game BEFORE the card is drawn to see if they are an attacker or the defender on whatever table. You can’t wait to see if you are going to be an attacker or a defender or who you are playing before picking your army.

Before the start of the game the Defender gets to place 10 total minefield cards of their choice (Anti-personnel or anti-armor). This placement cannot be on objective markers or within 10 cms of the attackers starting point.

Artillery Strikes are allowed. Infantry models ACTUALLY in trenches will get a 'Take Cover' save individually vs. indirect fire weapons and artillery.

Smoke Barrage – In place of an artillery strike, any player can decide to launch a smoke barrage instead. Each player gets to launch a maximum of two smoke barrages in the game (1 max a round per player). Since smoke is launched lower than other artillery, it cannot be blocked by mechanisms that can block artillery, but it still uses indirect fire rules. Roll as you would for your regular artillery strike to determine where it hits. We will be using smoke markers that are approximately 8 inches in diameter. Smoke barrage uses indirect fire rules to place. Smoke template blocks line of sight from when it is placed until the end of the ROUND.

Defender starts with RPs in the game. Attackers roll a die in round 1 to see how many of the 500 RPs come in round 2 (1 means 0, 2, means 100 RPs, 6 means all 500 point). The remainder RPs will come in round 3.

Cease Fire

Our normal agreed end time rules. The highest VP wins. In case of a tie, ties are broken highest value hero remaining in play, then finally by a dice roll.


All non winners will get 2 MP. Single winner will get 6 MP.

Game 1: Aaron 5, Stu 0, Brian 0
Game 2: David 8, Rob 7, Rocky 5



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