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AT-43 Campaign III

Mission 4 - Diggers...

In your last mission you found partial plans to a sub terrain of caverns.  This will lead to a source of power deep within the planet's core.  You diggers machines open up near one such resource...

Forces Availabe
There will be two 3-player games.
2000 points (1000 AP / 1000 RP).
All infantry forces. Using the Open R Tools, Create New Company, select your Army, change Army Books to Open R-Community Unofficial, then infantry only.  There will be no army platoon specific advantages and disadvantages.  You are not allowed to take medics or any other unit that will place terrain.  Reinforcements are called forward from other exploring diggers, popping out where your original digger started.  Smoke grenades are allowed, these are beacons for reinforcement units - so the reinforcement digger will open up within 10cm of smoke grenade unit.

Tactical Positions
See the map. The map is just representative, but we should be able to get very close.  It's not uniformly grey, so Aaron, your tiles will work.  The scale is 40mm from starting location to center VP location.  There will be natural terrain to provide cover.  It is a vast underground cavern with a high ceiling (high enough that it does not matter for game purposes).
We'll roll off or draw cards for tables and locations.

Primary Objectives
3 VP and 300 RP for controlling the center location. 

Secondary Objectives
1 VP and 200 RP for controlling any of the three outside locations.

Special Rules
Lighting: there is some source of illumination, but is distorts vision and enhanced vision technology (even infrared googles, etc...) - all ranges are doubled.

Cave ins: Any explosion from mortar, grenades, etc... creates a cave in near the middle of the battlefield.  The 10cm template is placed in the center objective.  Lined up with 1 towards the center point of the explosion.  Deviates 4d6 cm in the random direction.  Every figure under takes penetration 4 for 1 point of damage.

Artillery Strikes are NOT allowed.  Destroying terrain is not allowed.

Cease Fire
Our normal agreed end time rules. The highest VP wins. In case of a tie, ties are broken highest value hero remaining in play, then finally by a dice roll.

Players in 2nd and 3rd will get 2 MP.  The single winner will get 5 MP and a Power Station.  The Station will give +1 medal during army creation for each future mission.  The campaign MP will be completed in order of highest to lowest VP across both tables - using the heroes to break ties (highest value in play at end of game). 

Results: Rocky vs. Rob vs. Aaron - Rocky wins; Stuart vs. David - David wins


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