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AT-43 Campaign III

Mission 3 - Research Ruins

Your forces have been searching for an old research outpost. Your scouts have found it, but did not have the necessary skills and tools to gleam the scientific data.  The data should lead you to the location of resources to mine to further your efforts.  You are now returning with "scientists" (Civilians) and a bit of protection just in case there is trouble.

Forces Available
There will be one 6-player game.
2000 points (700 AP / 1300 RP).

Tactical Positions
See the map. The map is just representative, but we should be able to get very close.  It's not snow, so Aaron, my map or your tiles or whatever outdoor set up will work.  The scale is shown.  The square grey stripes are building ruins.  The "walls" are natural terrain or small ruins that will provide cover.
We'll roll off or draw cards for tables. Aaron and Brian will be able to choose their entry zone first.  They can roll off to determine their order.  They got raked last battle.  Just like Stu did on the campaign map movement rules.  To be a fair I did not take the Command Bastion last battle, that way the field is level for the long run.

Primary Objectives
2 VP for each civilian in building D.  The civilian has to be part of a unit.

Secondary Objectives

Special Rules
Each player receives 150 points in RP a turn.

Speeding up play:

  • Every activation completed in less than 3 minutes earns your force 25 RP. This includes all player and opposing player dice rolls and rule questions.  This can earn a maximum of 75 RP per turn.  A player's time is paused for Overwatch.  We will be a bit lenient to Rocky and Rob the first 2 rounds.
  • If you complete all of your activations and your Overwatches in less than 3 minutes each for the full turn, you earn the full maximum 75 RP reward (even if you only had 1 or 2 units).
  • Please bring extra copies of your armies.

Civilians benefit from the hero rules for damage.  Maximum of 3 civilians per army.  Beside this, normal civilian rules apply.

Reinforcements can enter the game active from a player's starting access zone.  I think that is the normal rules anyway.

Moving levels up or down in buildings costs 10cm of movement (unless jump pack, ...).

Terrain elements can not be destroyed (just clarifying: scenario has to state terrain elements can be destroyed, if they can be).

**update 3/2/2010: Artillery Strikes are allowed.

Cease Fire
Our normal agreed end time rules. The highest VP wins.

In case of a tie in VP, we will track Kill Points - 1 KP for enemy Civilian, 1 KP for Heroes, 1 KP for armor unit, 1 KP for infantry unit.  KP will determine place order.

In case of a tie in Kill Points, then ties are broken highest value hero remaining in play, then finally by a dice roll.

Players in fifth or sixth will get 2 MP.  Players in third or fourth will get 3 MP. Player in second will get 3 MP and a Mine.  The single winner will get 5 MP and a Mine.  The discovered Mine will give +10% RP during army creation for each future mission (for example, if you had the Mine at the start of a 1000 AP/1000 RP game, you would start with 1000 AP/1100 RP).  The campaign MP will be completed in order of highest to lowest VP (or place in the tie breaking rules). 

1 Rocky 2VP and 4KP = 5MP and Mine
2 Stu 2VP and 4KP = 4MP+1 and Mine
3 Aaron 6KP and highest hero = 3MP
4 David 6KP = 2MP
5 Rob 5KP = 2MP
Missing in action Brian - a few of us really needed you there.
Table looked great with Aaron's buildings.  Nice work!

Cool shot near game end. That's Stu over there making more and more Therians each turn.


Rocky is a long way from the front door!

Later Rocky grenades this guy from behind.

Rob wins the most guys left on the board at the end of the game!

Another end of game shot.

UNA never once fired at Oni... makes you wonder.

The one in the middle is mine.

David's side of the board.

More Red Block

Neat angle #1

Notice more pics of a single remaining player's fig than anyone else's.  The photographer was quoted as saying, "There were just too many of the opponents figures to take pictures of."


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