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AT-43 Campaign III

Mission 2 - Defending Your Stake

Two of you have quickly set up camp on Minierous. In an unprecedented alliance to unlikely allies team together to even the odds. With clear victories from round one; Brian and Aaron have built a defense fortress.

Forces Available
There will be two 3-player games.
Table one: Defender - Brian; Attackers - Stu and Rob
Table two: Defender - Aaron; Attackers - David and Rocky
Defender starts with 2000 points his defending area is considered a Deployment zone. 1500 points each for Attacker. No RP. No forces can be held in reserve.
*Attackers should bring an extra list of 2800, just in case your partner does not make it.

Tactical Positions
See the map. The map is just representative.
Aaron will have his mega Fortress. Brian will get some walled Command Bastion that Aaron has built.

Primary Objectives
2 VP for AFv’s, 1 for infantry and 1 for heroes.
VP of Attackers is a single score. Either the Attackers or the single Defender wins.

Secondary Objectives

Special Rules
You can destroy terrain. Artillery Strikes are allowed.

To speed up play, both attackers will go at the same time. The defender on his turn will take two turns (turn over two cards). Authority tests will be made by all three players. The Attackers take the best of the two rolls.

During the first round of play the defender may only attack each Attacker once each turn. For example, Aaron turns over two cards on his turn: Zombie Masters and the Medium Destroyer. He can attack David with the Destroyer and then if he chose to attack with the Zombies, he would have to attack Rocky. During his next turn he can go after David again with one unit and Rocky with the other unit. Remember this is just for the first round.

Command Bastions
Only fighters can be on the Command Bastions. A unit located in a Command Bastions cannot be issued a Take cover! combat drill.
Damage inflicted on Command Bastions is resolved using the Command Bastions Damage Location table below. If the general structure of the Command Bastions is destroyed, the whole Command Bastions section is destroyed. Any units in this section are removed from play. If the Cover is destroyed, Improved cover rule no longer applies.
Improved cover: A unit on a Command Bastions gets 3+ cover tests. Due to some quick improvements by a creative engineer, all figures impacted by artillery strikes and indirect fire weapons get a 5+ cover test (normally there are not cover saves for these).

                                   Protection     Structure                           Size
Command Bastion  16                   7 structure/2 cover          4

Command Bastion Location
D6    Damaged Part
1-2    Cover
3-5    General structure
6        Attacker’s choice

Putting a AFV in the Command Bastion
Some of the terrain Aaron has includes built in guns and launchers. You can buy an “AFV” with like gunnery in place of these. The non-moving “vehicle” would have the same stats as the AFV with a 5+ cover test (would not apply to artillery strikes and indirect fire weapons). For example you could have a gun system on the Command Bastion with the stats from a Fire Toad. You get to be a bit creative here. Think through it a bit and just try to be fair.

Cease Fire
Our normal agreed end time rules would mean the highest VP at a certain end time.

Winner(s) gets 7 MPs and a Command Bastion (token on map and one medal – last the entire campaign). This could be both Attackers or the single Defender. Loser(s) gets 5 MPs.

The results were skewed to the attackers... So only Rob, Rocky, and Stu have been awarded the Command Bastions.  We have a few ideas to improve for next time.


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