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AT-43 Campaign III

Mission 1 - Shield Generator


The Shield Generator is being held at a strategic point. Hold this objective, and keep the enemy at bay, until reinforcements arrive.

Forces Available
3000 points (2000 AP / 1000 RP). You will get to place 2 short walls in your deployment zone, 2 short walls on your half of the field, and 2 tall walls on your half of the field. Yes to artillery strikes, objectives cannot be destroyed.

Tactical Positions
See the map. The map is just representative. Actual details may vary slightly.  For instance a nice shield generator could be placed in the middle instead of 2 containers, objective points could be made to look nicer, playing field will be outdoor with Aaron's nice boards,...

Primary Objectives
Controlling the Objective A: 4 VP
Controlling a Drop point D: 1 VP

Secondary Objectives
Controlling a Drop point D: 150 RP

Special Rules
Deployment: When units are activated for the first time they can be placed anywhere in the controlling players Deployment Area. (indicated by the hatched areas on the map.) This deployment area is up to 20cm onto the board. This deployment does not trigger over watch fire and the unit can move and shoot as normal after placement.

Reinforcements: When units arrive from Reserves they can be dropped onto a drop point that is controlled by the owning player (you count as controlling a drop point for the entire turn after you controlled it at the end of a turn). The entire unit is placed within 10cm of the drop point and cannot do anything until the next turn when it activates normally.

Cease Fire
This mission ends once one player earns 20 VP. Our normal agreed end time rules would mean the highest VP at a certain end time.

Lots of folks playing new armies this week...

  • Resounding win for Brian's UNA/Oni army over David's Karman.  Monkeys had much more than a bad day.  22 to 11 after 5 rounds.  No spawned zombie monkeys.  The only moral victory for the Karmans.
  • Great titanic battle of 2 maybe 3 rounds on the Oni (Aaron) versus the Therians (Stu).  The battle was hard fought, but Oni was able to create Therian Zombie forces.   Stu wasn't very comfortable attacking his own forces... after they were turned against him.
  • And finally at the kid table was a starter game for Red Block Rob piling it on against UNA Rocky. Snow started falling and they made the call to call the game after 2 rounds.

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