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Campaign III

Hex Campaign

Current Standings:

Warlord Hexes Awards
Aaron 8 Landing Pad (+1 artillery save), Shield Generator (+1 artillery save), City (+1 medal)
Brian 15 Shield Generator (+1 artillery save), 2 Landing Pads (+2 artillery save), Manufactorum (+1 medal), City (+1 medal), Power Station (+1 medal)
David 5 City (+1 medal)
Rob WINNER! 28 Landing Pad (+1 artillery save), 2x Command Bastions (+2 medal), Mine (+10% RP), Power Station (+1 medal)
Rocky 21 Landing Pad (+1 artillery save), Command Bastion (+1 medal), Mine (+10% RP), Power Station (+1 medal), Manufactorum (+1 medal)
Stuart 1  
Vince 0  


Campaign Rules

You are a mercenary overlord trying to take control of planet Minierious (yes, that is Minier with “ious” on the end). You’ll start with a control area on the edge of the geometric continent. Your goal is gain a large percent of the continent. Each battle you earn Movement Points to apply to the Campaign Map.

Game runs from January to December 2010
The player with the most hexes at the end wins.
While a tie is mathematical possible, it shouldn’t happen… Stu!

You can switch armies each session.

Earning Movement Points (MP):
One-on-One (or three-way) Game
Lose 2 MP
Win 3 MP

Games with all players
First 5 MP
Second and Third 3 MP
Everyone else 2 MP

Claiming Hexes:
Team Flags in hexes have to be contiguous. If the flag trail to your original Command Bastion is broken, then non-connected hexes return to neutral (no flag).
1 MP move to free hex (put your flag there).
Note if only have 1 MP and no free hex you lose the move, unless you partner move to empty an occupied hex.
2 MP to occupied hex (a place with a flag already there).
Winners move first (roll for order).
You cannot take a flagged hex just taken this turn.
New buildings go in new moves OR a space with a flag of your color bordering another player’s flagged hex.
You can conquer other people’s buildings when you take a hex with a building on it.
“Partner Move” – two players partner together with 1 MP each to attack an occupied adjacent hex. The adjacent hex is then emptied.
Initial Command Bastions cannot be conquered.

Each mission will be for at least one building:
Shield Generators (12) – cover save for artillery strike, starts at 6+ for one, 5+ for two, 4+ for three, etc… adds to Landing Pads
Landing Pads (6) – cover save for artillery strike, starts at 6+ for one, 5+ for two, 4+ for three, etc…adds to Shields
Command Bastions (12) - +1 medal
Manufactorums (12) - +1 medal
Power stations (12) - +1 medal
Cities (12) - +1 medal
Castles (12) - na
Mines (12) - +10% RP during army creation for each mission
Towers (4) - na
Chaos Caves (4) - na
Spire Cities (2) – +1 MP each month

Below gives you an idea of the hexes. Each hex has a hole that a building and/or flag can be placed.

Current as of September



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