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Campaign II

Hero Campaign

Current Standings:

  CP Race Hero Medals
Aaron 7 UNA Ludd Marksman
Brian 6 UNA George Marksman
David 10 Therian Eru Elic #2 Instruction Editor;
Death Mask;
Improved Combat mod
Stuart 10 Red Block Tammy-Two Eagle Eye,
Vince 0 Karman Ma-gilla the Gorilla  

Five round campaign. Each campaign round your hero increases a single rank - starting at rank 1 and ending at rank 5.


To make your hero:
  - Select a troop list (while using Easy AT-43) from below
  - Select the rank Officer for the current campaign round
    rank 1(Sergeant for UNA) for round 1, rank 2 (Master Sergeant for UNA) for round 2, ...
  - Add a Custom name starting with "Hero" - keep the same name for the campaign
     for example "Hero Gladrial Jinkins Five"
  - Your hero can change units s/he leads between missions.  In mission one Hero Gladrial Jinkins Five could lead Star Troopers, then in mission two lead Wing Troopers.  The hero will get the stats of the unit s/he is leading.

Star Troopers, Steel Troopers, Wing Troopers
Sergeant, Master Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Colonel
  *notice Corporal is Rank 0, need to spend LP to activate

Assault Golems, Grim Golems, Storm Golems
Alpha, Delta, Omicron, Sigma, Omega
  *notice Khaos is Rank 0, need to spend LP to activate or have Relay

Red Block
Krasnye Soldaty, RPG Soldaty, Spetsnatz Kommandos, Dragonov Kommandos
Sergeant, Master Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Colonel
  *notice Corporal is Rank 0, need to spend LP to activate

Anakongas, Kaptars, Wendigos, Yetis
Mentor, Guide, Guru, Venerable, Saint


Sample UNA Army with rank 1 "Hero Gladrial Jinkins Five"

Special Campaign Rules

  • Your hero has to the commander of the company.  Meaning highest or tied for highest ranking officer.  You can have other named heroes from the books.  They just have to be at the same rank or lower then your campaign hero (see sample company with Sergeant A. Borz included).
  • Customization of the hero figure (painted highlights, dry brushing, finishing base, or other modeling) will awarded a company medal.  The same rules for medals below.  You can just get this once at any point in the campaign.  Stuart's wedding present would count.  Chopping Stark would be good, if we had heroes in armor - though we don't for this campaign.
  • You hero is awarded a company medal for each battle s/he survives and wins
    • Player selects any medal for his company, each medal may be selected once for the campaign
    • Your medal(s) can be given to any unit for each mission - meaning different units between missions - White Star Medal of Honor can go to the Star Troopers mission #1 and then to the Wing Troopers mission #2.
    • Once a medal is won and selected, it stays with you for the whole campaign.  So you cannot swap for a different one later.  And you do not lose the medal if the unit wearing it is wiped out one mission.
    • Think of the medal as not part of a particular unit, but as an award to the campaign hero.  Hero Glardial Jinkins Five for his experience and valor has access to command experience units with medals.
    • Maximum of 2 medals per unit
  • Your hero has to begin as part of the assault force in round 1 of each mission (unless the mission states to the contrary).
  • Your hero follows all the special rules for heroes... last one to take damage, privileges of rank, etc...
  • If you miss a mission, you hero still increases in rank (for example your UNA Master Sergeant is promoted to Lieutenant if you miss mission #2). 
  • A hero who is not on the board at the end of a battle somehow manages to survive.  The hero returns for the next battle with an additional rank for the brief battle experience.  The company could still have won the mission - that will help you win the campaign.  It just would not receive a new medal for the previous mission.
  • Players will stay the same race for the campaign.
  • You can change Platoon patterns between missions.

Campaign Victory Points (CP)

  • One-on-One battle - 2 CP for victory, 1 CP for second
  • Three-way battle - 2 CP for victory, 1 CP for second, 1 CP for third
  • Multiple battle - 1/2 times the number of players rounded up... dang math
    • 4 players - 2 CP first, 2 CP second, 1 CP third, 1 CP fourth
    • 5 players - 3 CP first, 2 CP second, 1 CP third, 1 CP fourth, 1 CP fifth
  • I'm trying to knock down the big swings in a short campaign
  • Unless the mission states otherwise, only a single victorious player with his hero alive at the end of the mission would be awarded a medal.  If you select to design a 5-player mission, you might consider adjusting the rule for that mission to have any surviving hero awarded an medal.

Player named for each mission is responsible for the mission selection/creation.  Campaign missions should follow the usual format - templates are linked.  You can "n/a" in sections that are not applicable.  For your mission you can create terrain or other special stuff.  Feel free to use all the stuff we already have.  Like tell me to bring urban terrain or Stu to bring his winter set or Aaron the moon craters, etc...



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